Who We Are

The Consumer Goods Council of South Africa (CGCSA) is an industry association representing over 9 000 member companies in the Consumer Goods, Retail and Services sectors, which is one of the largest employers in South Africa. At the core of CGCSA’s purpose is our vision to become the leading Consumer Goods industry platform for advocacy, collaboration and best practice in South Africa and across Africa.

In an ever-changing environment that is increasingly impacted by regulatory requirements, risk management capabilities and the pursuit of standardised operational solutions that enable members to trade better, CGCSA is uniquely placed to give members confidence in value chain transparency. We offer global standards that enable organisations to identify, capture and share information smoothly; expertise in food labelling, food safety and food waste best practice; sustainability & regulatory advisory as well as crime risk management and skills development and training, making us able to support, advocate for and advise organisations in the Retail and Manufacturing sectors at every stage of the value chain, from farm to fork.




Our Mission

We help members trade better and build sustainable business through;

  • Advocacy, lobbying, engagement and collaboration on non-competitive industry matters;
  • Sharing best practice standards;
  • Focused regulatory and advisory services;
  • Providing access to our hub of valuable industry insights and;
  • Ensuring alignment with global Sustainable Development Goals and the National Development Plan.

Our History

Through the years the directors rotated and had representation from many companies including AVI, Unilever, Oceana Brands, Rainbow Chicken, Tiger Brands, ABI, Amka, Pamodzi, Parmalat and many others.

In 2005 the Amavuso early warning system, that sends out instant SMS alerts to all stakeholders about high-level crimes occurring in the area, was added to the then Crime Prevention Programme. The name Amavuso has since changed to “Word Wakker Vukani”. In 2006 the Food Safety Initiative was added as a division of CGCSA under the leadership of Dr. Lucia Anelich. The staff complement grew and was 47 on 28 February 2007.

In June 2008 the CEO, August Iwanskí, resigned and Michael Broughton (head of the Crime Prevention Programme) took over as acting CEO. On June3 1st, 2009 Mncani Mthunzi from the Black Management Forum (BMF) was appointed as CEO.

After June 2008, CGCSA went through a rationalisation phase where its strategy was revisited and operations and systems streamlined. The Product Data Catalogue (PDC) has been integrated with GS1 to operate as a single division of CGCSA.
During 2010, CGCSA moved from block B to the more spacious current block D in Hurlingham Office Park. In November 2010, the Product Data Catalogue (PDC) was changed to DATAnet.za where GS1 South Africa teamed up with an international partner named 1 WorldSync. Mncani Mthunzi resigned as CEO and left CGCSA at the end of August 2011. Mapule Ncanywa (General Manager, corporate services) was then appointed as acting CEO. On 1 January 2012 Gwarega Mangozhe joined CGCSA as the new CEO, from Internatio Mueller Chemicals Distribution (IMCD) South Africa.

During March 2013, the Consumer Goods and Services Ombudsman was launched, where CGCSA was a major role player in the establishment thereof.

Statutory Board Members

Gareth Ackerman Co-Chairman, Chairman, Pick n Pay Stores Ltd
Johann Vorster Co-Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Clover
Zinhle Tyikwe Chief Executive Officer, CGCSA
Adriaan Heyl Chief Executive Officer, PepsiCo Inc. Sub Saharan Africa
André Joubert British American Tobacco South Africa
André Van Aswegen (Alternate) Executive to Chief Executive Office, Shoprite
Antonio Da Fonseca Chairperson, OBC Group
Bertina Engelbrecht Chief Executive Officer, Clicks Group
Chundran Pillay (Alternate) Head of Trade, Woolworths Food SA
Chichi Maponya Chief Executive Officer, Maponya Group
Darren Hele Chief Executive Officer, Famous Brands
David North Chief Transformation Officer, Pick n Pay Stores Ltd
Douglas Smollan Chairman, Smollan Holdings
Grattan Kirk Chief Executive Officer, Exclusive Books
Gwarega Mangozhe (Alternate) Group Head of Corporate Affairs, Clicks Group
Helen McDougall General Manager, Mars Multisales Southern Africa
Justin Apsey Managing Director & Executive Vice President Southern Africa, Unilever
Luigi Ferrini Chief Customer Officer, Tiger Brands
Luisa Ortega Burgos President of Africa Operating Unit, Coca Cola Africa
Nicole Roos Managing Director and Chairperson at Nestlé Eastern and Southern Africa Region, Nestlé (South Africa)
Nizam Kalla Managing Director, Amka Products
Noel Doyle Chief Executive Officer, Tiger Brands
Pierre Schoenegge Chief Executive Officer, Red Bull
Pieter Engelbrecht Chief Executive Officer, Shoprite Holdings Ltd
Pieter Spies Chief Executive Officer, The Beverage Company
Riaz Gani Chief Executive Officer, Kit Kat Group
Russell Behrens Financial Executive, Tiger Brands
Serge Sacre Chief Executive Officer, L’Oréal
Zyda Rylands Managing Director, Woolworths Food SA

The Audit & Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee of the Board consists of 3 non-executive directors, Mr G Kirk, Mr J Aspey and it is chaired by Mr R Behrens. The committee is appointed and performs its function as set out in section 94 (7)(f) of the Companies Act, 2008 and its terms of reference.

The purpose of the Committee is to assist the Board in discharging its duties relating to the safeguarding of assets; risk evaluation and risk management; the operation of adequate financial and administrative systems including internal control; accurate reporting to members and other stakeholders and provision of financial statements in compliance with all applicable legal requirements and accounting standards; and compliance with relevant laws, regulations and procedures.


HR & Nominations Committee

The HR and Nominations Committee of the Board consist of three (3) non-executive directors of the Board, chaired by Mr D Smollan. The role of this committee is to consider and advise the Board on the Company’s general framework on remuneration of employees of the Company, as well as matters relating to performance and human resources aspects of the business generally. The Committee is also responsible for the nomination for the non-executive directors to serve on the Board.

BEE Status

The CGCSA fully supports national efforts to economically transform the country. It is therefore fully compliant with relevant BEE legislation which it believes is not only a legal requirement, but also a social imperative that our members also embrace and support. To get our BEE status, please email our Service Desk at services@cgcsa.co.za or contact your CGCSA Key Account Manager


Abraham Nelson

Executive, Consumer Goods Risk Initiative

Anthea Tshuma

Executive, HR & Training

Matlou Setati

Executive, Food Safety & Sustainability Initiative

Michele Francis Padayachee

Executive, Global Standards & Solutions

Neo Momodu

Executive, Legal, Regulatory & Stakeholder Engagement

Sudeshan Pillay

Chief Operations Officer

Zinhle Tyikwe

Chief Executive Officer

Our Members